Representative Matters

Representative Matters

Our client was backing away from an aggressive dog and fell, injuring his elbow.  There was no actual bite so determining liability was difficult, but we were able to get a settlement for $86,000.

Our client worked for a temporary agency and was sent to a manufacturing plant.  He received very little training on how to use the machine, which resulted in his little finger being pinched between two machines.  We had to deal with allegations that he could not bring a claim against the manufacturing plant based on employer immunity, and claims that the accident was his fault.  We filed suit, fought removal to Federal Court, and settled for $50,000.

Our client was a rear end motor vehicle accident that caused injuries to his wrist and left a slightly noticeable facial scar.  We settled for $200,000.

Our client was involved in a workers’ compensation case where the Department of Labor & Industries (L & I) denied a significantly limiting condition because there were few if any objective findings of the condition.  We litigated and got the judge to order L & I to allow the condition, which will ultimately result in the client receiving life time payments.

Our client was involved in a workers’ compensation case of first impression where L & I closed the claim and paid a small buyout for vocational services.  We litigated and got the Judge to award a pension which means our client will receive life time payments.  L & I believes the law does not allow for a pension after the claimant takes a buyout.

Our client was on a fishing trip on the Oregon coast.  The small boat overturned and our client died.  The defense claimed it was not their fault and offered less than $250,000.  We tried the case in federal court and obtained a judgment of almost $800,000.  The carrier only had remaining limits of $250,000 but we brought a bad faith claim and were able to make them pay almost the full amount of the judgment.

Our client suffered a head injury in a fall on the job in Oregon.  We were able to settle his claim for $1,400,000.

Our client was in a car wreck.  We arbitrated and secured an award of $350,000.