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Damages in Different Types of Lawsuits

Damages are awarded to an injured party who suffers harm, loss, or damage as a result of a defendant’s intentional or negligent conduct. The type of lawsuit brought depends upon the nature of the harm, loss, or damage caused, and the type of damages awarded depends upon the type of lawsuit brought.

Defamation and Protection of a Good Reputation

The law of defamation exists to provide some protection to a person’s deserved good reputation. What is a person’s reputation? It is the esteem to which the person is held or regarded by others. A person who does good and does not cause harm to others tends to develop a good reputation. It can be beneficial to have a good reputation. Others may reasonably rely on a person’s good reputation in dealing with that person.

Invasion of Privacy–Intrusion

The law provides everyone with some basic rights to privacy. Privacy is the general right to be left alone and free from unwanted publicity. Unreasonable invasion of one’s privacy causes harm.

The Foreign Claims Act

The Foreign Claims Act (FCA) was enacted in 1982 in order to provide compensation to persons in foreign countries who sustain personal injuries, who die, or who sustain property damage as a result of the actions of military personnel of the United States government while the personnel are stationed overseas.

Torts in Boxing

Boxing is obviously a dangerous sport for participants, but spectators may be injured as well. In certain instances, spectators and participants may bring tort actions to recover for their injuries.